Scott Jackson

The work begins with my deep attraction to my subjects, if only on a visual level. For the most part, I am attracted to strong light and shadow patterns that impact the way I see things. Once captivated, I try to arrive at the essence of my subjects by painting these patterns of light and shadow. I try not to be influenced by commonly held notions about the subjects, but concentrate only on their immediate visual constitution. Ultimately, my goal is to find the essence of my subjects relative to their light source.

Technically, my aim is for a balance between light and color and a simplification of shape and form. This allows me to address the surface of my canvas and concentrate on design, with the ultimate goal of trying to achieve a balance between design and form. I enjoy painting cityscapes, landscapes and the figure equally well, but my ideas for these subjects are always formed by light, which, for me, is a catalyst for personal expression.